Every teenage movie we watch starts mainly in an American sitcom with American teenagers fighting weird animals or being rebels in general. However, there is a life outside of these sitcoms where youngsters are actually making a change. They are progressing and even changing the society around them.

Africa is not really the most advanced continent in the world right now. Nevertheless, leaving all of that, some young people, as young as twelve, are working to build a business and create a vast job source in the way. Alternatively, they are actually making a difference in the environment and people’s life. These young people are successful in their fields and just imagine how much they will achieve till they are adults.

Making an impact does not always come from the economy; instead, when the passion is genuinely personal and brings something for society, then it is truly successful.

Most aspiring teenagers of Africa:

We listed some of the young geniuses of Africa in this segment.

Let us start with Richard Turere. Richard is from Kenya and a thirteen-year-old boy. He invented the “lion lights”. These lights are powered by solar cells, and he invented this all by himself. He started with some ordinary things dismantling and fixing around this house. Young Richard aspires to be an aircraft engineer.

Zuriel Oduwole, an eleven-year-old Nigerian girl, is more involved in changing the prestige of her people. She is the youngest person interviewed by Forbes. This makes her a young protégée. She has been given her voice for girl education all over Africa. A young mind who believes that she can inspire others to do the same by pursuing her goals.

Barcley Okari is the founder of the Impact Industry. He started his business with the capital of fifteen hundred dollars and now is a very successful business. This is not just about his business. He worked for making affordable sanitary pads. His companion has sold thousands of pads all over Africa. He did it so rural people can afford sanitary pads. He began working at the age of nineteen.

Venessa Zommi started her Emerald Moringa Tea at the age of seventeen. This tea helps to fight the sugar level and boosts the immune system. She found this remedy from the Moringa tree and a very effective discovery indeed. She works to tackle the problem of diabetes in her community.

Mubarak Muyika is regarded as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Africa. He started working at the age of sixteen and founded Hypecentury Technologies and then Zagace. The Zag apps are cloud software for managing accounting, marketing, etc., in a manageable form.


These are just a few of the young minds who are known till now in Africa. Mostly, these young people changed their life as well as the life of others. However, it is just a few of them. More fresh minds are making changes every day. Even a little bit of passion and positivity can change the course of nature.

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